Swedish Massage

Swedish is the best know style of massage. Long strokes and gentle stretching lengthen muscles and aid circulation. Cross-fiber friction and trigger-point work help to break up knots. Swedish massage is beneficial for all ages and instills a deep sense of relaxation. Safe for expecting mothers with some limitations. Please let us know if you are pregnant. It is also quite therapeutic and deep tissue work can be incorporated at no charge. Swedish Massage is available in sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 120 minutes.

30 Minutes: $39 Adults, $34 members, $34 Children
45 Minutes, Youth ages 14-17: $49
60 Minutes: $75 single visit, $65 members
90 Minutes: $105 single visit, $95 members                                           
120 Minutes: $145 single visit, $135 members
Couples 60 Minutes: $75/per person, $65/ per person for members
Couples 90 Minutes: $105/per person, $95/ per person for members

*Prices shown are pre-tax*