Facial Peels

Skin peels involve the application of highly specialized acid and enzyme solutions to remove damaged layers of skin and stimulate skin regeneration, revealing visible improvements. The Rhonda Allison peel protocols are formulated for optimum efficacy, backed by years of research and experience. We are devoted to offering you safe and effective peel treatments. We accomplish this by using pure peel products, requiring extensive training for practitioners, and maintaining strict post-peel care requirements. Your well-being is our main concern, so we do not offer peels to all clients. Every individual wishing to have a peel will first need to start with our Renew: Custom Facial. This will give your esthetician the opportunity to evaluate the health of your skin, determine whether peels are right for you, and to design a protocol that successfully accomplishes your skin care goals.

We offer three different options for peels:

DermaPeel: $95 single visit, $85 members

The DermaPeel combines a Dermaplaning facial with a chemical peel, for a multi-level approach to skin renewal.

Rejuvenate: Custom Peel: $95 single visit, $85 members

This full-length treatment combines a complete facial with a peel application.

Refresh: Express Peel: $75 single visit, $65 members.

The Express Peel is for clients who are on a continuing peel regimen. This quick treatment includes a skin cleanse/prep, peel application, and any additional products your esthetician deems suitable.

*Prices shown are pre-tax*

Follow-Up Care

We are adamant that peel clients follow a home-care regimen to protect the skin as it heals from treatment and maximize the desired peel results. We have many balms, serums, and specialty products that may be helpful post-peel, but a quality cleanser, toner, and sunscreen are absolutely necessary. All peel clients must purchase the following product bundle at their first peel appointment:

Citrus Gel Cleanser, 1 oz = $12

Cucumber Spritz, 1 oz = $12

Daytime Defense SPF 30, 1 oz = $23

Bundle Value= $47. Price at your first peel appointment= $40 + tax. Clients may also purchase larger sizes if desired.