Every client has different goals, needs, and preferences. At Rio Grande Body Works, we have multiple professionals on site, all trained in a wide variety of body work therapies. Each therapist or esthetician has a unique style and we encourage you to experience them all!

Brianna Inman, LMT # 8771

As a massage therapist I want to empower and educate others during their personal healing journey. I accomplish this by utilizing massage and energy work while creating a relaxing experience for my client. I have always known that I wanted to work in health care, and once I found massage therapy I knew that it was the career I wanted. I do bodywork because of the importance of keeping the body balanced and relaxed. A few years ago, I discovered the benefits of massage therapy in my life. I am excited to help clients discover what massage therapy can do for them!

Rita Nikki Roiz, ES062731

I am passionate and dedicated to helping others, feel good about their skin. I strive to make my clients feel confident and educated in their skincare choices. I am well versed in all skin types and care, especially acne. Consistent and quality skincare is a must for everyone. I absolutely love skin! Skin is the largest organ of the human body and it is my duty to help heal/maintain it. Services offered: All skincare services.

Crystal Jacquez, LMT #9244

I became a licensed massage therapist in 2004. My strong Christian faith has guided my heart and hands in providing relief to a wide range of clients and I am honored to work with our diverse local community. Over the years, my intuitive senses have been greatly elevated due to a genetic disease which gradually caused blindness. While this limits some of the services that I can offer, I feel that I have been blessed with the ability to help my clients relax and achieve long-lasting results. Services offered: Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Dry Brushing, Desert Detox, Aromatherapy, Sugar Scrubs.

Jennifer Elliott, LMT #8851

I became a massage therapist after experiencing its healing power for myself. I have been a therapist since 2017 and I love being able to personally help my clients maintain their physical wellness. Services Practiced: Swedish Massage, Couples, Prenatal, Hot Stone Massage, Thai Herbal Compress.

Angelica Lujan, ES062904

I am a well qualified esthetician with a mission to help people feel great about their skin. I have been an esthetician for over 2 years and have experience with all different skin types and skin concerns. You can trust me to assist you with reaching your goals and most importantly targeting your concerns in both the treatment room and at home. It’s important to me that everyone leaves happy and confident in all of their skin care choices. Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin, and glowing skin is always in. Services offered: All skincare services.

Martin Rivera, LMT #8760

I believe massage therapy is not just a luxury but part of maintaining good health. Massage therapy has allowed me to help a lot of people with ailments from sore muscles, back pain, headaches, and TMJ to name a few. I use a variety of modalities to create an experience personalized to your needs. I look forward to learning more about massage therapy to expand my knowledge to continue helping others feel their best.